As it stands, there are only three active posters on this site, and they are not brothers, though two are named Chris, which is totally amazing.


Christopher, many moons ago, was once a student at Georgetown University, fully intending to emerge from that prestigious institution as a lawyer, scales and all. However, that route was severely detoured, and he ended up with a Graphic Design degree from Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton. However, by the time graduation had arrived, the love of illustration and design had all but been destroyed, although Christopher stubbornly pursued the path until he realized he just didn’t care anymore. After a while, he decided on a different course of action.

So, at the ripe old age of 28, he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps, with an infantry contract.

Unfortunately, a year went by without being able to meet the requirement for his age waiver (which he required since he turned 29 while in the DEP), and his contract expired. However, he continues to work on his running with the hope of enlisting yet again once it meets the standard. Although, at this point he’s begun eyeing the Army since it has a higher age range for enlistment, so he won’t require a waiver for quite a few more years. Plus, his grandfather was an Army infantryman during WWII (Co “A”, 338th Infantry, 85th Division), so there’s family history there as well.

Chris D:

Chris D is not a Kallini, but he’s learned to be okay with that, and accept himself for who he is. He currently resides in Northeastern Ohio where he is a college student and teamster (so keep it shut if ya know what’s good for ya, capisce?). He posts under the screen name Mad Alchemist at Alchemy for Dummies, a horrific train wreck of a blog, filled with Chris’s self-indulgent and non-sensical rantings. He is best known as creator of the Angry Stick-figure Man comics, semi-popular swear-filled stick-figure cartoons about an angry superhero who is sometimes Lee. These cartoons are what earned Chris his position as only the second non-Kallini administrator on, and happen to be the most marked and most celebrated achievement of his 23 year life thus far. Cheat Commandos: Rock, rock on!


Kevin is not an actual Kallini Brother, but he plays one on TV. No genetic relation to Chris, Jason, or Jonathan, Kevin still gets to post here ’cause his name starts with a “K”. Or something. He’s also a Marine (retired).