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Best Automatic Field Watches Under $500

Best Field Watches Under $500

Looking for the best automatic field watches under 500 bucks? Read our guide for the top recommendations.

There’s a good reason why military wearables always find way into an average civilian’s wardrobe. A field watch is not an exception. For the most part, military stuff are usually designed to withstand any form of abrasion which checks all the right boxes in terms of functionality and durability especially in situations that are non-combat. Whether we are talking about bomber jackets, bucket hats or field watches, military gear have an honest appeal that’s a bit rugged which makes them pair well with jeans, white t-shirts and different workwear staples.

Remember, when it comes to the best field watches, the secret is always in the details.

Best Automatic Field Watches Under $500

Here are some of the best field watches under $500 that will bring that will give your entire look a military flavor.

1. Bertucci DX-3 Watch



Bertucci DX-3 Watch is as good on the city patio as it is on a camping trip. If you are looking for a denim touch on your watch, then this is an excellent choice. Plus, it pairs perfectly well with a denim chore jacket.

2. Timex MK1 Aluminum Watch


Timex MK1 Aluminum Watch were first issued to the US marines and were made in the 1980s. They resemble the old version except you don’t have to be in the military to wear one. Take your fashion sense a notch higher with this lovely timepiece.

3. Casio Men’s Solar Powered Stainless Steel Watch


Casio Men’s Solar Powered Stainless Steel Watch is a timepiece you’d want to get in case of some zombie apocalypse. It features a rugged strap made of canvas and a beefy bezel. Plus, you wouldn’t need a change of batteries since it tends to run forever.

4. Seiko 5 Automatic Watch


Seiko 5 Automatic Watch can be compared to a second-hand Subaru Outback when it comes to field watches. It’s not only reliable and affordable but also guarantees long-lasting durability. This means that you can use it for generations to come.

5. MVMT AT Watch


MVMT AT Watch typically adapts to a civilian’s wardrobe style with ease although it’s a military classic. It pairs with almost anything just like a pair of cargo pants would.

6. Momentum Atlas 44mm Watch


Momentum Atlas 44mm Watch features a 44mm diameter case. Most of these field watches tend to maintain the midcentury origin that usually falls on the smaller side of the spectrum. This field watch packs similar military vibes except the case is slightly bigger.

7. Orient Field Watch


Orient Field Watch features a date and day window indicator with a mechanical movement. It’s not your typical bare-bones military field watch especially for its price tag.

8. Citizen Eco-Drive Chandler Watch


Citizen Eco-Drive Chandler Watch is one of the best field watches under $500 on the market. When writing a country song, you only need three cords and the same applies in making a great field watch. This could be the Jolene in your watch collection thanks to the stainless steel case, white on black dial that makes it aesthetically pleasing and easy on the eyes and a nylon strap.

9. Vaer C3 Korean Field USA Quartz Movement 36mm Watch


Vaer C3 Korean Field Quartz Movement Watch is USA made. It features a fauxtina dial and a 36mm period-correct case which makes it a 1950s authentic watch just like the high-waisted trunks for swimming and camp shirts.

10. Marathon Desert Tan General Purpose Watch


Marathon Desert Tan General Purpose Watch is the brand of choice in the Canadian military. Correct! Some of us didn’t even know that Canada, just like other countries also has a military.

11. Waldan Professional REF. 0196B Onyx Black Watch


Waldan Professional Onyx Black Watch is one of the best field watches under $500 on the market. This field watch features a polished dial and a stainless steel case that evokes the Word War 2 Dirty dozen watches.

12. Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical Watch


If you are looking for a field mechanical watch, then the Hamilton Khaki is your best bet. It’s a Swiss-made watch with a mechanical movement that’s self-winding and a sturdy sapphire crystal dial. This could be the only thing that watch survivalists and snobs get to agree on.

13. Bulova Archive Series: Military 98A255 Watch


Bulova Archive Series Military Field Watch is a 1940s throwback. This field watch works perfectly in this century as well unlike the Dicks that smoke pipe.

14. Mission 2 Scout Field Watch


Mission 2 Scout Field Watch is one of the best under $500 watches on the market. Almost all neighborhoods that craft brewery usually make an IPA which is the same reason why every indie brand that makes watches has a field watch in their collection. The Canadian startup typically nails it when it comes to details just like your most preferred hip-forward microbrew.

The above are the best automatic field watches under 500 bucks. Which one do you fancy the most?

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