Best Military Base for Zombie Apocalypse

Which is the best military base for zombie apocalypse? Read on to find out.

From the Fort Knox and the Pentagon to underground vaults and data centers, a number of buildings across the globe are protected, which makes them the best military base for zombie apocalypse. There are a few things you need to consider when designing a new building from fire escapes to insulation. But what happens when it comes to zombie apocalypse?

As much as it may sound silly, preparing for such scenarios is usually important. It’s probably the reason why there are lots of zombie-themed survival movies and games currently, ranging from Zombie Infection in the UK forests, abandoned shopping centers and courthouses. There are also a number of video games.

The Michigan State University in the United States introduced an accredited course on preparing for a zombie apocalypse theoretically. In case of an actual breakout, most people would opt for the Shaun of the Dead option by grabbing any blunt object nearby and barricading in the local pub.

However, it’s only fair to assume that we can’t get to the level of experiencing a zombie apocalypse. A global nuclear war, climate change or stray comet offer end of the world feasible scenarios. That’s why it’s always important to stay prepared.

Shredall SDS Group is an expert business in the United Kingdom dealing with secure storage. They have identified six different sites across the globe that would protect millions of people incase of an actual zombie outbreak.

Best Military Base for Zombie Apocalypse

1. Cheyenne Mountain Complex in the United States – surviving a zombie apocalypse

The Cheyenne Mountain Complex in the United States is a military bunker in Colorado, EL Paso County. It’s a cold-war installation era which makes it one of the most secure sites in America. It’s shielded by about 2,500 ft of granite, meaning it can withstand biological weapons and nuclear bombs. For any reason, this would be the best military base for zombie apocalypse.

There are over six million gallons of water in the pools carved from the rocks and a ton of diesel gallons that can help fuel generators. You can survive in this facility for several years without finding the need to step outside. The complex is sort of ready for a zombie apocalypse. A charity run is held every year along the cave tunnel that runs through the complex. It’s quite a unique experience as the participants run away from the brain-eating zombies.

2. The Pentagon, US

The most secretive plans of the United States are usually drawn up at the Pentagon since it’s home of America’s defense department. It’s only safe to say that it remains to be the most protected facility hence remains secure in case of any attack. This also means that it’s set up when it comes to a zombie apocalypse since there was a plan in place since 2011. The CONPLAN 8888-11, is a strategy that aims to provide some contingency plan in case of an outbreak of the undead.

The entire plan includes ideas on how to deal with different types of zombies brought on this planet by an any extra-terrestrial lifeform. The plan was only a training exercise for the young military recruits but all is not lost as those working at the Pentagon always stay prepared.

The Pentagon is usually heavily guarded with a few measures in place for protection against nuclear and chemical attacks. There are armed guards in every corner with security cameras at all angles to secure the complex. This means that everyone is kept under a strict watch whether you are getting in or leaving both dead and alive.

3. The US Bullion Depository, Fort Knox

US Bullion Depository, Fort Knox is one of the best military base for zombie apocalypse. The United States is the most prepared nations on Earth in case of an outbreak of the undead. You can’t talk of secure buildings in America without mentioning the US Bullion Depository, Fort Knox as it houses billions in gold reserves. The surrounding environment is covered in land mines and motion detectors.

In case of a zombie outbreak, the incredible protection that the building offers against outside threats might be the most valuable possession as opposed to the gold. There are four fences covering the entire site, two which are electric. Beyond that, there are four feet thick granite walls a heavy vault door and armed guards. Plus, the vault door can only be opened by a set of access codes that are usually highly classified. What’s more, the US Bullion Depository is located on a military base that houses more than 300 tanks and 30,000 soldiers.

4. Svalbard See Vault, Norway

Svalbard See Vault somewhere in a Norwegian Island is one of the weirdest locations on our list. It’s not heavily guarded but located in a remote area which makes it more secure. It’s almost impossible to reach the place on foot since its about 1300km from the North Pole. Plus, the freezing cold temperatures will slow down the zombies which technically means that you’ll have enough time to escape if the need arises.

The designer had the worst case scenario in mind when designing the Svalbard See Vault. Scientists all over the world have sent a variety of crop seeds that would allow Earth to reboot in case of an eventuality. People can survive a zombie apocalypse for years to come with the right equipment and different seed samples. Besides, if the cooling system doesn’t work, the seeds will remain viable for more than 50 years allowing those inside to fight back after repopulating the Earth.

5. Area 51, US

The Area 51 in the United States of America is well prepared for a zombie apocalypse. It’s a top-secret testing site for the military in Nevada’s Mojave Desert. It has been over the years, the focus of several conspiracy theories relating to secret experiments and UFO sightings using the alien weaponry. Regardless of your stand on some of these theories, the United States is willing to protect Area 51 against external attacks at all costs.

After keeping the site secure for several years, it’s safe to say that Area 51 can survive a zombie apocalypse. The security guards are armed and equipped with encrypted radio frequencies and night-vision gear. In addition, the military facility has sensors planted on the ground to help pick up even the slightest of movements which typically means that the zombies will be dealt with even before setting foot on the ground.

Finally, there are no windows on the buildings since those working there are not allowed to see anything that’s not related to their duties. This makes Area 51 the best military base for zombie apocalypse.

6. Bahnhof Underground Data Center, Stockholm, Sweden

Bahnhof Underground Data Center is located about 100ft underground in a Swedish bunker set for a cold war nuclear annihilation. It houses some of the most important digital information and has other different features which makes it ideal for surviving a zombie apocalypse. It has one entrance that leads you to an armored door that’s effectively impenetrable.

The zombies will be kept at bay and allow those inside to have some quiet and peace. The best thing about this building is that people can easily communicate with the outside world and potentially negotiate a rescue. They can even ask for resources to be brought in.

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