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Best Military Vehicles for Civilian Use

Best Military Vehicles for Civilian Use

The American-made HUMVEE made the western militaries scramble in quest for its equivalent. They wanted a lightweight, all terrain vehicle for basic transport, staff use and reconnaissance. France found their answer in the Sherpa 2 from Renault Trucks Defense. In terms of military configurations, Sherpa 2 is equipped with IED kits, ballistic armor and anti-mine protection.

Sherpa 2 additionally features a Euro 5 engine that produces about 215 horsepower giving it a maximum speed of 75 miles per hour. The rigid axles are a bit odd for an offroad vehicle, however, the robust and innovative design atones for it. Sherpa 2 was made since 2006 and there’s still a surplus on the market that civilians can use.

Here are some of the best military vehicles for civilian use on the market:

1. GAZ Tiger

Russian engineering is known for reliability and toughness and the GAZ Tiger is no different. The GAZ Tiger is a 4 by 4 offroad vehicle with a multipurpose design. The main function of this offroad military vehicle is transporting equipment and troops both on and offroad but it has many different variations that makes it flexible. The staff use the unarmored versions. What’s more, other versions double up as moveable medical bays.

In addition, there are GAZ Tiger versions with electronic warfare and advanced communications equipment. All these versions are usually powered by the same engine which is the Cummins 5.9L, supported by a JSC 5-speed transmission. This 4 by 4 offroad military vehicle is available in different versions in the Eastern Europe to serve those in the military and civilians alike.

2. Mercedes Benz G63 AMG 6 × 6

Mercedes Benz was at some point the brand’s second most expensive and largest street-legal vehicle. This vehicle strikes a perfect balance between high-end civilian luxury and military engineering. It was produced and designed for the Australian military, Mercedes Benz G63 has an adjustable and advanced automatic transmission system for on and offroad conditions. Anyone who can afford the street-legal civilian version of this vehicle can drive it.

Mercedes Benz G63 has a high ground clearance, enough for a great driver to effortlessly navigate obstacles both on and offroad. The vehicle automatically adjusts its tire pressure as it features an internal compressor for offroad use. This helps the Benz adapt better to different terrains including muddy and sandy conditions. The Mercedes Benz G63 military version is not in surplus on the market which is quite the opposite for the street-legal civilian version.

Mercedes Benz G63 is by far the most stylish when it comes to the best military vehicles for civilian use.

3. Paramount Marauder

Paramount Group is a renowned South African manufacturer known to make exquisite military vehicles and the Paramount Marauder is no exception. Plus, it’s equally the best military vehicle for civilian use. This vehicle was uniquely designed for UN peacekeeping missions and reconnaissance since it accommodates up to a maximum of 10 and equipment weighing up to 13,000 lbs. Paramount Marauder is one of the coolest military vehicles on sale.

Paramount Marauder additionally features a unique monocoque hull that’s double-skinned to provide protection from IED/anti-mine packages and small fire arms available. When it comes to military use, you can configure the Paramount Marauder to carry different weapon systems like light missile launchers and machine guns. The company has been producing the civilian version of this vehicle since 2008 but there are lots of military versions on sale in Southern Africa.

4. Polaris MV 850

Polaris chose a different direction as other western militaries were attempting to create their own version of the HUMVEE as they created a military ATV. The Polaris MV 850 looks like the best offroad toy when it comes to military vehicles for sale, but don’t be fooled. It’s a typical military vehicle from the design, engine to transmission. It features state of the art non-pneumatic tires that can withstand tiny arms fire. The lighting is equally adjustable to easily work with any night vision equipment and bare eyes.

Polaris MV has an 850cc engine, a cutting-edge ballistic armor packs enough energy to haul up to a maximum haul of 600lbs both on and offroad. Civilians can use this military vehicle right from the manufacturing company even though it’s not on surplus yet.

5. Supacat LRV 400

Supacat LRV 400 is currently on the second version, which means that this military vehicle is constantly evolving. The name, Light Reconnaissance Vehicle typically describes what it’s used for especially in a military setting. It’s the most versatile on our list since it has many different features including Pinnacle compass, on board water boiler, weapon mounts, side screens, smoke grenade launchers, rear and forward facing IR cameras, remote weapons station and canvas roof.

Supacat Light Reconnaissance Vehicle 400 is hands down the best military vehicle or civilian use. However, this vehicle doesn’t ship with the weapons although it usually comes with several weapon mounts. This therefore means that this military vehicle is among the many for sale on the market in different countries.

6. HUMVEE Military Vehicle for Sale

The High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle popularly known as the HUMVEE is manufactured by AM General. It’s a mobile, diesel tactical four-wheel drive vehicle that is quite significant at the wheeled vehicle fleet in the US Army. This military vehicle is incredibly modular as it comes with different variations ranging from troop carriers, weapon platforms to ambulances and is also ideal for civilian use as it can be bought with ease.

These military vehicles are in surplus on the market which makes them plenty on the civilian register. The cost of HUMVEE Military Vehicles varies depending on the model, condition and variant. However, you can get these military vehicles for as low as $4000 according to an internet search.

7. Thales Hawkei

Most people always overlook Australian military equipment. Contrary to what people believe, these equipment are not only innovative but also high quality. A case in point is the Thales Hawkei, which happens to be one of the best military vehicles for sale. It’s a four-wheel drive with a three-tonne payload billed as the next generation protected vehicle. Thales Hawkei is available on the market for civilian use in different countries including Australia and the US.

Thales Hawkei comes in four and two door variants and can carry up to a maximum of six people in a typical standard configuration. Just like all military vehicles for civilian use, versatility is equally important. This vehicle doubles up as a command-and-control vehicle, troop carrier, electronic warfare platform, reconnaissance vehicle and staff car. However, the military features are usually restricted just like all the other military vehicles for civilian use.

8. DUKW – The Duck

Some people find the name odd that’s why it’s popularly known as The Duck. This six wheel drive is an amphibious variant of a typical utility truck. The Duck was manufactured in the 1940s by Sparkman & Stephens and General Motors. It was meant to be used by the US military during World War 2 proving to be versatile through and through the service.

DUKW, otherwise known as the Duck carries a maximum payload of up to 5000lbs over different rough terrains and water. The highest transmission speed on water is to the tune of 6mph and 50mph offroad, getting troops where they are need quite fast. There are companies that are actively trying to restore these military vehicles for civilian use even though they are no longer being manufactured.

9. Alvis Stalwart

The Alvis Stalwart amphibious is a cargo vehicle manufactured in the year 1966 in the United Kingdom. This military vehicle was uniquely designed as an unarmored variant to help supply forward units with ammunition and fuel. It carried up to a maximum of 11,000 pounds of cargo or 30 fully-loaded troops using a 220 Rolls Royce horsepower B-81 engine. This transmission gave the Alvis Stalwart military vehicle for civilian use a maximum speed of about 7mph on water and 40mph on and offroad.

Civilians can buy the Alvis Stalwart anywhere around the world for about $20,000.

10. Tucker SnoCat

Referring to over-snow military vehicles as Snowcats is like asking for Kleenex when you sneeze even when the brand of the tissue in question is not a Kleenex. The name was trademarked in the 1960s when the Sno-Cat Corporation started manufacturing this particular terrain-specific vehicles. Other manufacturers started making Snowcats. However, the Tucker SnoCat was the original variant doing transport, tactical and cargo works for the US army.

Tucker SnoCat is a sturdy model hence carry heavily which means the cost of this military vehicle varies. On average, it can fetch up to $100, 000.

11. Teradyne Gurkha

Gurkas are Nepali soldiers serving in the British army hence the name of this military vehicle. The name pays homage to the Nepali soldiers. This vehicle was made by Teradyne Corporation based in Ontario Canada. This armored, tactical military vehicle was specially designed around the Ford F550 chassis. It accommodates up to a maximum of eight soldiers and two men in the crew cab.

The Teradyne Gurkha that was used in a recently released movie is about $275,000 right after featuring in the movie. A brand new one is estimated to cost around $700,000.

12. SS-21 Scarab Nuclear Missile Launcher

You’ll have to buy the nuclear missiles separately. SS-21 Scarab Nuclear Missile Launcher was originally known as OTR-21 Tochka. It’s a Russian military vehicle, designed as a short range groun-t-ground missile launcher. Civilians can buy it in different parts of the world for about $125,000 which makes it one of the best military vehicles for civilian use.

13. Chieftain MK-10

Chieftain MK-10 tank revolutionized how significant tanks operate. This military vehicle was manufactured in 1960s and managed to remain in service for nearly three decades. It was one of the major battle tanks in the United Kingdom during that time. When it was first introduced in the 1960s, its excessive armor and extremely robust main gun were unparalleled.

Chieftain MK-10 introduced a supine driver’s position which allowed a reduced tank and a sloped hull height.

14. BMY M923A2 5-Ton 6 by 6

BMY M923A2 six wheel drive cargo truck weighs about 30,000 pounds, features a 14-foot cargo bed, and is powered by an 8.3 litres diesel Cummins turbo engine. This military vehicle is an approved BOSS. If the function and design are anything to go by, then it carries tons of things in different terrains. However, the potential of this military vehicle goes far beyond what is termed as the military spectrum.

BMY M923A2 is an ideal cargo truck for private projects and sever commercials. Civilians can buy this military vehicle for about $22,000. Yes! It’s affordable. So, if you are looking for the best military vehicle for civilian use and you are working on a budget, then the BMY M923A2 is your best bet.

15. Stevenson M1079 LMTV 4 by 4

In the mid-80s, the military in the US were looking for a relatively cheap, light utility and reliable vehicle that could stand the test of time. They went for the Stewart & Stevenson vehicle design of the LMTV four wheel drive. The manufacturing company made these military vehicles up to 2012 that saw Oshkosh take over the production.

Stevenson M1079 LMTV design almost resembles the Australian Steyr 12M18, and the civilian version is available on the market. The vehicle goes for around $2000 to $5000.

16. M38A1 Jeep

The Willys M38A1 Jeep is one of the best military vehicles for civilians on the market. It’s also the most beloved and recognizable military vehicle on our list. This light utility four-wheel drive truck became legendary since it was the go-to jeep on the frontlines for so long. This two-door military vehicle was manufactured between 1952 and 1971 that is about a 20-year stretch. It was powered by the hurricane f-head 143 inline four-engine. Depending on the quality and year of manufacture, civilians can buy this military vehicle for about $2,000 to $3,000.

17. Dodge WC-54 Ambulance

The Dodge WC-54 Ambulance was manufactured starting from the year 1942 to 1944 making it the standard ambulance in the US. The folding bench seat and rood-mounted slings created room for about six seated and four stretcher patients. The company made over 23,000 and now civilians can also buy them for about $22,000 or more. The vehicle is powered by the brand’s 6-cylinder engine that gives up to a maximum speed of 55mph.

18. Patton M47 Medium Battle Tank

Initially, the Patton M47 Medium Battle Tank was essentially a cog in M Patton tanks ever evolving collection. It was basically a continuation of the M46 based on the M26 Pershing which was replaced quickly with the one that came after which was the M48 Patton. The M48 Patton saw the birth of the M60 Patton.

Patton M47 was a medium tank. This means that it only served one purpose – it acted as the core battle tank during the Cold War in its critical years. However, it’s currently available for sale for civilian use, an excellent choice for those who want to drive a tank.

19. Whiskey Class Submarine

There are some civilians that are allowed to buy submarines. When the Cold War tensions heightened, Whiskey Class Submarine were a threat to the Westerners. Eventually, the Soviet Union was open to more than forty nations until it retired from service in the 90s. Whiskey Class Submarine provided long-lasting durability that’s why most of them are still in operation up to date. If you have the technical know how, space to operate and right licenses, then you can buy a Whiskey Class Submarine for about $500, 000.

20. Dodge Carryall WC53

The WC is a legendary series of the Dodge Military vehicles that peaked when the company started selling the Dodge Carryall WC53. Workaholic + Warhorse = Workhorse. This military vehicle was typically designed for front-line exposure and this shows that the manufacturer had sturdiness in mind when making this model. It’s probably why there are still so many of them on the market years later. An authentic restoration will see you spending up to about $250, 000 if you want to be seen driving one of the coolest cars.

However, if you believe old is gold, you can go for the original model that goes for about $18,000 only on average.

21. Kaiser Jeep M715

The Kaiser Jeep M715 was made to replace the aging M37 since the US Army wanted a hauler with a large load capacity and increased mobility. This model hit the market in the mid 60s. Initially, there was nothing to write home about but that changed over the years as people acclimatized and became a favorite on the roads. It’s one of the best military vehicles for civilian use and goes for about $8,000 only.

22. Lamborghini LM002

If you are looking for a fun vehicle to drive, then you can go a Lamborghini LM002. It’s an offroad SUV that was utilized and designed in the 80s and 90s. It features a V12 powertrain of the company’s Diablo with a Hummer body. It goes for about $400,000 roughly. It was used for cargo roles and offroad transport by different military branches.

23. Land Rover Defender 110

The Land Rover Defender 110 is an all-weather terrain four-wheel drive that replaced the Willys Jeep of the Second World War. There’s a good reason this vehicle became legendary. It was made in the United Kingdom and the manufacturers used aluminum for the most part of its construction. The results were quite impressive since it resulted in corrosion resistance and longevity.

The Land Rover Defender 110 is available for civilian use in every part of the world going for about $25,000.

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