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Best Military Watch Under $50

best military watch under $50

Finding a great military watch can be difficult. It’s even harder when you are working on a budget. A good watch can be part of your everyday carry especially in demanding situations and this is where a military watch will come in handy.

Military watches are uniquely designed for demanding conditions which means they can effortlessly meet any challenge that life throws at you. Some military watches live up to expectations while some usually don’t.

Factors to Consider When Looking for the Best Military Watch

Some of the key consideration you should put in mind when shopping for the best military watch include:

Ruggedness – You are probably buying a military watch owing to the environmental conditions and high demands you’ll put it through. In this case, you want to go for something that can withstand vibrations, harsh activity and consistent blunt force impact. Get a military watch with a solid bezel on the face that’s equally scratch-resistant for protection from impact.

Water Resistance – Even if you won’t be around water or any water bodies, extra protection typically means the display and body of the watch are properly sealed against any damaging materials such as dust, metal shavings, sawdust and sand among others.

Clarity – If you are going for a military watch, there’s a high likelihood that you want something that you can easily read without any interruptions. Go for a military watch with a clear display that you can read the time with ease regardless of the lighting conditions whether day or night.

Ease of Use – Regardless of the type of military watch you choose; it should be easy to use. This means resetting time and programming should be done simply and quickly. For careful measurements, you might want to a watch with stopwatch and countdown functions.

Here are some of the best military watches under $50 on the market today:

1. Casio G-Shock Men’s Analog-Digital Military Watch


Casio G-Shock Men’s Military Watch features both analog and digital display that shows world time, hour, minute, second and date. The face of the watch is made of a spherical mineral glass while the bezel, band and case are made of black resin. It additionally features a tang clasp that’s used to fasten the band. The watch includes a thermometer, digital compass, a countdown timer and a stopwatch. It’s both water and shock resistant and comes with a long-lasting battery that can last up to 6 years.

2. Luminox 3581 Navy SEAL Chronograph Sports Watch


Luminox SEAL Chronograph Sports Watch, just like the name suggests, is one of the best military watches for those in the Navy. It an analog watch that displays time in hours, minutes and seconds. It features an analogue stopwatch, a stainless steel back, polyurethane band and a carbon fiber element for the bezel and body. The tempered crystal and carbon combination in the construction of this military watch makes it highly durable. Plus, it’s shock and water resistant with a battery life of about 50 months.

3. Casio G-Shock Rangeman Multi-Band 6 Atomic Timekeeping


Casio G-Shock Rangeman Atomic Timekeeping features a mineral face, stainless steel back and a resin construction. It has a digital display and can show a second time zone and GMT which is a hand feature for different special forces like the Delta Force operators, Marine Force Recon and the Army Rangers. It additionally features a calendar and can display both sunset and sunrise times. It includes a compass, barometer, a thermometer and an altitude indicator.

Casio G-Shock Rangeman Multi-Band Atomic Timekeeping Military Watch is solar-powered, shock, water and scratch resistant. Plus, it shows the amount of solar power stored and the battery lasts up to a maximum of two years.

4. Seiko Automatic Black Dial Black Rubber Men’s Military Watch


Seiko Automatic Black Dial Men’s Watch is hands down the best military watch under $50. It features a tang clasp on the rubber band and a stainless steel body and bezel. It’s an analog watch and features a calendar and is equally water resistant with a 40-hour power reserve. The rubber and stainless steel construction not only makes it sturdy but also durable and long-lasting.

5. Swiss Military Hawk Silver Dial Black Canvas Men’s Watch


Swiss Military Hawk Silver Dial Black Men’s Watch features a sapphire crystal face, a black canvas band and a stainless steel case with long-lasting durability. It has an analog display but comes with a tachymeter and chronometer for stopwatch-like functionality. The display of the watch show time in seconds, minutes and hours. Plus, it also shows the date.

This is the best military watch under $50 in the market. The steel and canvas combination makes it extremely rugged. It’s scratch resistant and equally waterproof with a 24 months battery life from assembly time to last replacement.

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