Best Military Zombie Books

A few years ago, Zombie-mania hoarded the mainstream media. The World War Z and Walking Dead were equally successful. However, probably due to overkill of the genre, things quietened down a little. True zombie enthusiasts will never sour even on the dead. So, here are the best military zombie books written over the past few years.

However, our list only features the less known military zombie books. We’ve left out WWZ and TWD since most people have heard of them already. The list only covers a small portion of the zombie books out there.

Best Military Zombie Books

1. Patient Zero

Patient Zero


Patient Zero as a movie is not that great. However, the book will have you glued for hours on end since it features well-written action scenes and strong cast characters. Fans of military zombie books will enjoy this new release by Jonathan Maberry. The entire plot typically centers on Joe Ledger, who is a legend and a hardened detective that joins a private response team to help stop terrorists. Their mission is to prevent the criminals from infecting others with a bio-weapon that can potentially turn those involved to zombies.

Initially, the set-up tends to sound a bit generic. Plus, there are a number of wannabe alpha and eye rolling moments on the dialogue. Don’t stop reading the book just yet, it gets better. You’ll love the zombie-killing action and incredible yet intense cliffhangers.

Generally, Patient Zero is quite fascinating and one of the best zombie books on the market narrated in a rather fast-moving style, typical of the military.

2. Aftertime



Most anthropologists will appreciate Sophie Littlefield, the author, for drawing attention to cultural themes, typically explored in the middle of the zombie apocalypse setting. Through the protagonists, this book tackles different issues on personal sacrifice, love and self-worth among others. Aftertime addresses all these issues without compromising on intense action that zombie fans find fascinating.

Cass, the main character in the Aftertime series strikes readers as a character they can easily relate to. Cass is a mother who wakes up to find that she’s turned to a zombie that has been mysteriously transformed to a human. She then starts looking for a daughter, asking for help from people in a world full of zombies who are known to be flesh-hungry Beaters.

Just like any other book, there are a number of editorial mistakes which you can overlook. Some scene descriptions are also inconsistent. However, Aftertime is a thrilling survival ride based on a solid premise which makes it one of the best military zombie books.

3. As the World Dies

As the World Dies


As the World Dies was written by Rhiannon Frater, a down to earth self-published author. She’s also passionate enthusiast of zombie and vampire fiction. This was years ago.

Currently, Rhiannon Frater is a renowned author published by the famous Tor Books. She has earned some critical acclaim in most of her horror tittles. As the Word Dies is one of her best works yet starting with The First Days. It’s a survival series that starts off on a high note with Katie, getting ready to begin her day in the court. Jenni, who’s a housewife, looks after her family. A harrowing circumstance, the apocalyptic rise of the undead, flung together Katie and Jenn. The women then become a zombie-slaying duo that’s quite powerful, journeying out in an effort to save Jenni’s stepson.

However, some spots are oddly paced in the beginning. There are moments where the writer throws in some political views in the dialogue that are slightly off. Regardless, most people find the highly accessible series exhilarating, especially those that love zombie books. As the World Dies is a perfect read.

4. Newsflesh



This military zombie book is quite unique. Newsflesh offers commentary on the power of online bloggers speculatively hence the title. The author of this zombie book series also doesn’t shy away from fleshing out the impact of a full-blown apocalypse involving zombies.

Initially, the thematic pairing of zombies/bloggers puts off genre purists. There are some parts where Mira Grant, the author veers rather too deep into some technical aspects regarding online journalism. Zombie fans will be pleased with this book especially those who are looking for something new among the saturated sub-genre. Newsflesh offers a lot of emotional and character depth and the ending is equally satisfying. Save for when things tend to meander in the mid-section parts, there’s lots of thrilling action.

You’ll have so much fun reading this book if you are ardent zombie fan!

5. The Extinction Cycle

The Extinction Cycle


If you are not looking for an oxymoron but rather a brainy, mindless zombie apocalypse book, then The Extinction Cycle is your best bet. Nicholas Smith, the author, feed your soul with a fascinating tale of frenzied action right from Extinction Horizon and beyond.

The Extinction Cycle is a military zombie book that typically follows Sergeant Reed Beckham, the Delta Force Team leader who’s had his fair share when it comes to nightmarish mission. The worst nightmare begins when the team is tasked to carry out an investigation on a secret research facility that has literally disappeared from the face of the earth. A catastrophe unfolds after they discover infected zombies spreading across different cities posing a threat to humans.

The Extinction Cycle is a basic thriller with intriguing characters uniquely woven into the narrative fabric that can be quite addictive. The entire plot is full of solid dialogue with occasional scientific and military detail thrown in here and there. The book gives a plausible explanation of the zombie apocalypse.

6. The End Games

The End Games


Michael Martin, the author of The End Games, tells a story of two brothers, Patrick and Michael struggling to survive a world filled with zombie-like creatures called the Bellows in this debut book. The End Games just like the Extinction Cycle delivers when it comes to gruesome thrills. The book also nurtures human bonds between different characters. You’ll find a little romance here and there but it’s not too overbearing.

You’ll love how certain topics have been handled with precision and sensitivity. The relationship between Michael, the older brother and Patrick, who has a learning disability was creatively handled. Michael makes the whole zombie apocalypse some sort of an imaginative play for his brother. The plot is not only smartly used but also endearing since it helps create real tension.

This book has been overlooked by most zombie fans. However, you can never go wrong with The End Games!

7. Arisen



If you are looking to invest your time in a somewhat long-haul military zombie apocalypse, then Arisen checks all the right boxes. This debut series is filled with lots of military action, seeing Fortress Britain, as the standing hope for the millions of survivors that are trapped in the world of the undead. The sole chance of the survival of humanity depends on the Alpha team. The Alpha team is a skilled commando’s band set to find cure.

Arisen strikes a perfect balance between deep characterization and fast-paced zombie apocalypse action. The main characters evolve with their relationship with others without compromising the core identities. What’s more, the author is a master when it comes to nail-biting build-ups in stories. The steady groundwork in the narrative will have you glued hours on end.

8. The Girl with All the Gifts

The Girl with All the Gifts


The Girl with All the Gifts was recently adapted to a movie which makes it one of the best military zombie books. The story revolves around a young student, Melanie with a fascinating aptitude to learn. But things are not what they look like for the young girl entrapped in a military compound. She lives in a cell every day and she’s usually strapped to a wheelchair when she goes out.

Melanie doesn’t understand why the guards are afraid of getting near her. This goes on until zombies overrun the entire compound, opening her eyes to the world outside for the very first time. An existence, that’s plagued by a generation of zombie apocalypse that she unknowingly plays a significant role.

You’ll love the slow reveal that the author artistically displays in the book. You’ll be left guessing what gifts Melanie possess that you are not informed at the beginning. Plus, the characters in the book are multi-faceted with a properly written dialogue. The Girl with All the Gifts pivots between hopelessness and a sense of hope which engenders tension.

9. Rot & Ruin

Rot & Ruin


Rot & Ruin is one of the best military zombie books on the market that will thrill most zombie fans. The character casts are amazing, excellent world-building with lots of zombie action.

10. The Reapers and the Angels

The Reapers and the Angels


This debut military zombie book focuses more on fostering a creepy atmosphere with very little action-filled fun. Most zombie fans love this book since it was well received. Not using quotation marks on the dialogues was quite unique and an interesting choice of style.

11. The Rising

The Rising


The Rising is one of the oldest military zombie books on our list. This book treks the journey of a father who ‘s trying to save in son through a zombie apocalypse. It’s both brilliantly graphic and emotionally heavy which makes it the best military zombie book on the market. The Rising takes credit for partially helping start off a new wave that is a fiction of zombie survival.

12. This Is Not A Test

This Is Not A Test


This Is Not A Test typically explores different themes of identity and depression as heartfelt as it is hard hitting. The author tells a story about a group of students trapped in the school as a zombie horde pounds trying to get into the compound. For the most part, the setup is great and actually delivers. If you are a zombie fan, then This Is Not A Test is a must-read!

13. Cell – Zombie-Like Maniacs

Cell – Zombie-Like Maniacs


Cell is one of the best of Stephen King’s works. You’ll enjoy the author’s alternative take on the zombie genre. In this story, The Pulse, a zombie-like virus that can spread through cell reception, turn people to angry, hungry freaks.

Cell as a movie is terrible, but the book is worth reading. You should give it a try!

14. The Forest of Hands and Teeth

The Forest of Hands and Teeth


The Forest of Hands and Teeth has some of the best military zombie apocalypse books save for the cute series name. Set wise, the plot almost plays out like The Village written by M. Night Shyamalan. The only difference is that there’s real undead outside waiting to tear the humans apart. What’s more, the characters are subjected to lots of existential struggles that pivots between hopelessness and sense of hope.

However, you might find the first book a little boring. But things will pick up real quick moving forward as you start getting familiar with some of the intricate relationships between the characters.

15. The Apocalypse Crusade

The Apocalypse Crusade


The Apocalypse Crusade was written by Peter Meredith who is a renowned author when it comes to zombie fiction. What starts off as a potential cure for lung cancer goes wrong and becomes a full-blown catastrophe of the undead. If you are looking for a thrilling zombie apocalypse series with a number of moving stories, then this book fits the bill as it doesn’t compromise character depth.

The Apocalypse Crusade is a military-style, fairly realistic read with some plausible science here and there. It explores how unprepared the world is in case of a real zombie horde. It’s a bit tense, addictive and smart but in the right way.

16. Sirens of the Zombie Apocalypse

Sirens of the Zombie Apocalypse


Sirens of the Zombie Apocalypse is another thrilling series for zombie lovers. In this book, things are slightly different at the beginning. The author introduces us to a 104-year-old great grandmother and a teenage boy caught between a hungry horde. For starters, the pair is certainly unlikely. The entire story revolves around familial bonds. It talks about how these bonds can be strengthened and strained when the society collapses.

Generally, the target audience is young readers. The charming characters and strong plot will win the hearts of both generations alike.

17. The Griefing

The Griefing


The Griefing is one of the most overlooked books when it comes to the zombie genre. Lovers of zombie books have credited it for its unique and speculative take on people and possible events that can lead to a zombie apocalypse. The rich characters were not left behind. Huck Walker, the author’s pacing has been drawn out purposefully with an intention of creating an escalating yet slow sense of dread occasioned by maddening crash to absolute chaos.

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