Best Military Zombie Movies

Bloodshot, a Vin Diesel’s movie is set to be released soon. Let’s highlight some of the best military zombie movies that shambled to theaters over the years. Nothing beats a new Vin Diesel action-packed movie than a Vin Diesel zombie action flick. Fortunately, that’s exactly what you’ll get on 13th of March when Bloodshot premieres on the big cinema screens all over the world.

Bloodshot is just one among the many military zombie movies boasting a simple log-line of a murdered soldier reanimating with magic powers. Zombie war movies have been around since time immemorial whether it’s a classic 70s German production or Brad Pitt’s big-budget blockbuster. Here are some of the best military zombie movies of all time that will get you psyched up for Bloodshot:

1. Frankenstein’s Army

Frankenstein’s Army


Frankenstein’s Army is a joint Euro-American effort that offers a new but fun angle on the military zombie sub-genre. It tends to imagine how fictional characters can handle an intense undead horde. This film starts off with an old chestnut of a Nazi lab subjected to grisly experiments. However, this time, it’s the Russian soldiers that find the bunker.

After finding the bunker, the Russian soldiers also discover S.S brass by taking cues from Dr. Victor Frankenstein’s notebook. They did all that by cobbling the undead soldiers from the extra body parts.

2. Exit Humanity

Exit Humanity


Exit Humanity is a military zombie movie that offers an exciting new angle. It focuses on a soldier that’s negotiating a number of undead ghouls when a civil war breaks out in America. This is not a typical zombie movie that revolves around Nazis.

This Canadian film is written and directed by John Geddes who makes the best of its limited resources and small budget. The narration by Brian Cox in the film about a man who struggles to survive a zombie horde when the country goes into war with itself is a great addition to this sub-genre.

3. Dead Snow 2: Red Vs. Dead

Dead Snow 2: Red Vs. Dead


Dead Snow 2: Red Vs. Dead has everything a zombie movie should have. It typically takes all that went well in the original made it bolder, bigger, expanded it and even better, way bloodier! Budget had everything to do with the upgrade. The cost of the original film was roughly to the tune of $800, 000 and the sequel went a notch higher upping the figure to about $3.7 million. Consequently, Wirkola had a lot more in terms of resources at his disposal. The visual effects are refined, the sets elaborate and body count doubled up.

4. Outpost



Outpost is all about splendid execution but the premise doesn’t offer anything new. It’s a low-budget UK military zombie movie that all horror completists should watch. When a band of rag tag grizzled soldiers discover a clandestine World War 2 bunker, they try out a sordid spate of different experiments. However, the results leave a number of S.S soldiers in a zombie-like state setting out to eat the flesh of rivaling interlopers they could lay their hands on.

5. Blood Creek

Blood Creek


Before Michael Fassbender became one of Hollywood’s finest actors and Henry Cavill wore Superman’s cape, they were made to explore the darkness that came with wartime experiments in this movie. The film was directed by Joel Schumacher. The plot focuses on nefarious occult that dates back to Third Reich. A young man journeys to find his brother who’s missing only to stumble upon a frightening farmhouse. A twisted survival game has been going on in this farmhouse for years. When the young man finds his brother, he notices that he’s been conformed into a zombified captive and is a shell of what he used to be in the past.

6. Shock Waves

Shock Waves


Shock Waves is one of the weirdest military zombie movies despite the limited screen time. A yachting crew gets shipwrecked into the Caribbean and the survivors find themselves in some remote island. When they arrive, they find a Nazi soldier in a secretive compound on the island breeding Nazi zombies. However, there’s a plot twist. These are not your typical sadistic zombies that eat flesh! Instead, they kill the victims by drowning them which makes it one of the best military zombie movies.

7. Dead Snow

Dead Snow


Tommy Wirkola, a Norwegian filmmaker made way into the international scenes with the movie Dead Snow. It’s not only entertaining but also a cheekily irreverent comedy with zombie-like Nazis. The set-up is quite simple as it involves several medical students who decided to visit the snowy mountains for a skiing vacation.

Upon arrival, the medical students are warned about a WWII Nazi bunker leftover, where some heinous experiments led to the death of several soldiers. There’s an invasion of Third Reich bloodsuckers. If you love military zombie movies, then this is a must watch!

8. Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead

Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead


If you are looking for the best military zombie movie and are a horror fanatic, then you’ll be pleased with Wyrmwood: Road of the dead. This war film is action-packed and ferocious and will have you glued on the screen for hours. This gorily movie is relentless as it follows Jay Gallagher who plays the character of Barry, a mechanic looking to traverse a chain of zombie ghouls to try and find his sister who was kidnapped before all hell breaks lose with an apocalypse break out.

Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead is one of the best military zombie movies that you’ll ever come across with lots of humor.

9. Overlord



You can’t talk about subgenre without mentioning Overlord. The movie revolves around soldiers that were dropped at their enemy’s territory at night on the eve of D-day. Two soldiers then decide to help out a needy family within the locality which leads to a harrowing discovery. The German government built zombie soldiers to deal with advances from the USA.

10. World War Z

World War Z


Brad Pitt and Mark Forster, the director, made the most of this military zombie movie despite threats to shut it down. The film adheres to a gravid tone that makes it stand out from the rest save for the resources poured into the production. The zombie incursions scope, size and scale remain unmatched!

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