Small Tactical Gear Companies

Here are some small tactical gear companies;

1. Chase Tactical

Chase Tactical

Chase tactical is a US based premium manufacturer of military gear and equipment. It’s a service disabled, veteran owned small business with extensive background in paramedic operations, law enforcement and military. Their field experience plays a significant role when it comes to the entire manufacturing process which enables them to produce premium quality tactical gear that can withstand even the most demanding missions and work perfectly well. Plus, the gears guarantee to stand the test of time.

Chase Tactical is small business that was founded with the sole purpose of producing exceptional military gear and equipment that can outlast even the toughest of missions. They take pride in what they do especially in knowing that those in the military depend on some of their gears to perform their duties.

2. First Tactical

First Tactical

First Tactical takes pride in being one of the best public safety gear and apparel on the market. They provide innovative products that are reasonably priced as they continue growing and moving into great dealerships around the globe. First Tactical usually listens to their customers needs, make the products with a lot of carefulness and high-quality materials, then ask field operators to take a field test in demanding situations.

First Tactical also deploys premium quality products at very friendly prices almost unseen in the tactical market. What’s more, they host product development sessions with the real operators frequently. They make improvements and modifications based on the field operator’s feedback.

3. Falcon Company Tactical

Falcon Company Tactical

Falcon Company Tactical is a small business service provider of premium quality clothing, medical supplies and tactical gear. It’s a law enforcement owed and service disabled veteran business with more than 20 years hands-on experience in the industry. The company serves the federal security, first responder agencies, law enforcement, military and the community at large with an aim of delivering high-quality duty gear, unmatched service and expertise.

Falcon Company Tactical proudly serves both the U.S communities and agencies with high standard customer service and expertise. The company’s number 1 priority is protecting their co-workers and friends when out in the field with some of the best clothing, gear and emergency supplies. They also help with equipment options with different price points, questions and also provide expert opinion and advice where necessary.

You don’t have to buy your tactical gear from different places since Falcon Tactical Company got you covered!

4. Tactical Assault Gear

Tactical Assault Gear

Tactical Assault Gear otherwise known as TAG was founded in the year 2001 in a small retail shop in CA, Imperial Beach. It has since grown over the years and is one of the best worldwide class product suppliers when it comes to hunting, shooting, outdoor and tactical gear. It has its headquarters in North Carolina with the blind being the majority of the employees. It’s one of the best small tactical gear companies in the world.

5. High Quality Gear – HQG

High Quality Gear is an online shop small business company based in Germany. They offer top quality tactical gear for the police and armed forces which makes them one of the best small tactical gear companies. They also have multifunctional outdoor gear that makes it a one-stop destination to service all your deployment needs. They additionally have over 200000 items which they constantly expand using the latest innovations in the tactical marketplace. The company only deals with manufacturers that are at par with their standards in terms of quality.

High Quality Gear has a military background that works in their favor as it helps guarantee the customers, they offer top tier products. What’s more, all their products can stand the test of time and can effortlessly enhance even the toughest of missions. They offer almost everything including essential accessories such as functional underwear, lamps, waterproof coats and hydration systems.

High Quality Gear additionally offers tactical gear like munition belts and ballistic vests. Their backpacks assortment is equally versatile since they have different categories including medic packs, 3-day packs, weapon carrier backpacks, day packs and radio backpacks. Plus, they have a line of tactical accessories like weapon slings and holsters.

6. Hydra Tactical Supply – Civilian and Law Enforcement Tactical Equipment

Hydra Tactical Supply

Hydra Tactical Supply supplies tactical and patriotic apparel, tactical accessories and gear. They strive to offer top quality tactical goods to the military, security professionals and law enforcement at their absolute best prices. The founder is a former marine. Trust that the company extends every effort to ensure their customers are happy with the purchases.

Hydra Tactical Supply process all orders within 1-2 working days and ship them to arrive at the shortest time possible. The company only sell products they have in stock. This means if you can place the item on the cart then you can definitely buy it.

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