21 Veteran-Owned Brands You Should Know

Looking to support a veteran? If so, you should try as much as possible to buy from vet-owned businesses. Veterans are operating all kinds of businesses in the country, from real estate to clothing, landscaping to online marketing.

Look Cool in Veteran Owned Brands

If you want to look great and still support a vet, here are 20 veteran-owned clothing brands you should buy.

1.    Battle Brothers Shaving Company

Battle Brothers Shaving Company

During the time I was staying in Afghanistan, in a forward operating locality, Andrew Weiss, UH-60 Blackhawk chief crew, used to find joy in simple things amidst the chaotic deployment life. Shaving was among them. Shaving was supposed to be one of the simple requirements for all soldiers who stayed there, yet he turned it to a mission of finding a perfect shave. He came up with a brand from this service and comradeship.

The Battle Brothers is a shaving company by warriors, for warriors, offering keen attention to quality and detail, in the form of high-quality stainless blades, tailor-made brushes, and the design of the razor allows easy maintenance. Professionals always want to look good while giving out their best. Expecting nothing short of the best from the tools you will use. Keep those you love close, but your shave should be closer to the Battle-Brothers!

2.    Toor Knives

Toor Knives

Two brothers invented the toor knife. One was a Ranger at the Army while the other was a Rifleman of the Marine Scout- who at one time made the makeshift forge then crafted blades. They did this for fun in their backyard. During their tenure, they got frustrated when they saw their teammates wearing gears and carrying customized weapons, yet simultaneously depending on the knives that were massively produced and were not fit for the mission. This feeling made them create their own, and are currently designing original blades which checkboxes of anything they feel a tactical knife should.

3.    GORUCK


GORUCK is said to be an American brand, with roots from the Special Forces. It was established by some Green Beret that believed in living a life full of toughness, excellence, and adaptability. He also thought that one should strengthen the body and carry weight around. Those who are conversant with marching can relate to the term rucking – getting around carrying some weight. It needs a lot of strength, cardio, and some mental motivation. It’s a known activity that empowers. The popularity of the GORUCK events has grown based on the number of people who attend. You can get this military-inspired clothing brand on GovX.  It’s specially designed to get the job done and thrive anywhere. Get a backpack or sandbags and try joining this culture today.

4. Virtus


Virtus is a military-inspired clothing brand company that incorporates the ideals of commitment and courage to make the best products. People who have been to the battlefield are the ones who designed and tested. Virtus has a developing reputation among professional athletes and riflemen, military personnel, outdoorsmen, emergency responders, and archers.

5. Tango Charlie

Tango Charlie

If you need something that fits snugly but wouldn’t want to be a softy who wears slippers. You need actual clothes. You need to get yourself a brand that does both. Tango Charlie does that perfectly well. The folks behind this brand said, “Our main priority is giving back to an army of people who work hard out there even on the trenches grinding daily. We are part of you, we notice you, and we do appreciate your efforts. Our brand is at your disposal.”

6. Sh’ That is Hot

Sh’ That is Hot

Shane, a Navy veteran, together with the wife Shelli, began to make a hot sauce and salsa in the kitchen and had a massive following brought about by their exquisite flavors. Their hobby became a business, and their dedication currently is to add spice to your food and getting to know your limits.

7. Invader Coffee

Invader Coffee

A veteran owns and operates it. Situated in Texas. Invader Coffee always has seemingly dangerous caffeine. It explains the Invader Coffee, the first brand of coffee to be included in GovX. Sellers of first-rate roasts from time immemorial. Invader Coffee ensures to preserve the taste in each coffee batch they make, ascertaining no shells with a burn and stale beans find their way to any of the bags. They ensure the acid level is low, has a smooth flavor, and the freedom they get of flying for each sold bag.

8. Fortis Et Fidelis

Fortis Et Fidelis

Fortis Et Fidelis is a military-inspired clothing brand aimed at providing the best apparel to people with an active lifestyle. They have a mission of inspiring and motivating military vets, police officers, and families that give them support- to continue having strength even as they go about their duties.

9. Oscar Mike

Oscar Mike

The very first shirt made by Oscar Mike was known before he became a typical brand. An injury left him paralyzed back in 2003 while being deployed to Iraq, Marine Corporal Noah Currier 21 years of age, made a shirt with some message conspicuously adorned at the back. The shirt created a buzz in the market, and that’s where an Oscar Mike came to be. It’s an ideal moniker for any organization whose aim is to motivate and inspire a positive lifestyle.

10. Rand CLP

Rand CLP

Mark Simonetti, this military-inspired clothing brand maker, spent five years as an infantryman in the US Army and 20 years of serving as a law enforcement officer. In his career, he was tasked to review then solve the problems in his department of the continuous weapon jamming. He took up the responsibility and created a more effective lubricant weapon ever seen. The brand grew to include an answer to metal and automotive engine treatment.

11. Eruption


This military-inspired clothing brand in America is creating a buzz in the industry. The leader is Chris Miranda, a United States veteran of the air force. Eruption takes pride in being a company with a charity that gives back to society intending to keep the country stable. Eruption outfits stand out since it has a reflective ink for safety during the night. They use the ink in the majority of their designs.



The founders are two officers of the Naval EOD. Bullets2Bandages gets its drive from the mission, socially conscious military-inspired clothing brand and also an accessory company. Their product has to be their bottle openers line styled from the caliber casings, that they prefer to call an “ideal man’s gift.” We agree with this.

13. TacPro Gear

TacPro Gear

The TacPro Gear company formerly started by Dan Lounsbury, a veteran of the Navy. He then built contact networks among the security guards and military personnel. The company currently offers a whole line of low-drag and fast speed tactical equipment and gears and takes pride in delivering equipment that is critical for the mission to inaccessible places. Located in Florida, Boynton Beach.

14. Death Dealer Tactical

Death Dealer Tactical

Pete, an Army vet, founded death Dealer Tactical. This way, his way of giving back to the military guys all over the world. His brand provides lines of carrier bags and plates, and this includes the Patriot line made in the United States only. His Assault pack that runs for 24 hours was a hit on launching.

15. Grunt Style

Grunt Style

Grunt style is not only worn by veterans, but you have to like freedom, whiskey, and bacon. These words were deep, therefore made its way to GovX. A veteran founded this brand. Their shirts have a warranty of a lifetime for back up, and they call the beer guarantee. Meaning you can get to replace any Grunt shirt that gets damaged for whichever reason.

16. Nine Line Apparel

Nine Line Apparel

Tyler and Daniel Merritt, who are army officers, began Nine Line in 2013, in their home garage. Since then, they are still pursuing the unapologetically patriotic code. Check out this military-based clothing brand which celebrates the destruction of ISIS.

17. Brothers and Arms USA

Brothers and Arms USA

The clothing and accessories brand is owned and operated by a veteran. It came to be due to the issues we have with the constitution taking place in the current world. They make clothing items that arouse emotions, generating conversations. Most of the time, they have patriotic gun lovers in mind when creating these designs.

18. Resco


Resco was designed by a Navy SEAL veteran, aged 20. Patriot line is the only tested watch through the training phases of NSW by the real operators giving feedback and input of the design. This watch is stylish and can work as an evening watch.US Navy doesn’t have an official watch, but if anything, the Resco would be.

19. American Spartan

American Spartan

A marine veteran in 2008 made this military-inspired clothing brand. It celebrates firearms, God, the country, and anyone who protects the three. It’s pure cotton and does not shrink. The shirts are comfy and have a badass quote that has made it to the Guinness book of records.

20. Defense Targets

Defense Targets

Any shooter would know the PING sound on a steel target. Founded by Daniel Dormin, who was a Recon Marine who later turned his love for guns to a business. Defense Targets provide top-shelf, beautiful, AR500 rifle-rated targets made of steel.

21. Custom Gun Rails

Custom Gun Rails

An ex-Green Beret created custom Gun Rails in 2011. They are about how to express yourself through customized rail attachments. The patent-pending clamping of the rail technology allows you to place an item anywhere. Can be swapped, and this depends on the message you need to send while you put rounds down.

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