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Veteran Owned Clothing Companies UK

Veteran Owned Clothing Companies UK

1. Reaper One Seven

Reaper One Seven is owned and operated by an ex-Marine. This brand was established to offer products and apparel that typically embody the tenacity, jet black humor and grit of warrior culture. It was also meant to provide uncensored look in the history of battlefields to not only educate but also inspire the modern-day man in the society.

Reaper One Seven strives to highlight the warrior’s courageous acts both in the present and past. It also looks to preserve any personal qualities which they represent in all technicalities.

2. Xfil – Veteran Owned and Operated UK Clothing Company

Xfil Clothing Company was founded in July 202O. There are four different operators that served in the group but two of them are still serving. The saved some cash to establish the company and deployed on Op’s. The founders had a driving passion for design and quality which is what made them start the company in the first place. They make and print the apparels from scratch since they are looking to stand out from the rest.

Xfil is all about top-quality custom-made gear and artwork for everyone all over the country. Quality over quantity is one thing the founders learnt from their time in the military. This means that customers are guaranteed value for money since they get the best quality for the price. The designs are eye-catching and the products are equally durable.

The company uses state of the art software. This means that the software helps break up the image so that it doesn’t look like a regular print to make it wash better. Also, the printing depends on the artwork.

3. Fight or Perish

Fight or Perish is a brand that was founded in the United Kingdom. The brand name, otherwise abbreviated as FOP was craved from the many proud years of serving in the military and the hard fought but fruitful experience. Two friends from totally different backgrounds but who had the same ambition came together to start this company. They drew their inspiration around King George V, and made a strong image that their supporters wear proudly on operations, at the gym or in camp.

Fight or Perish mission is to offer top quality apparel and gear that people deserve. With this veteran owned brand, quality is guaranteed. Fight or Perish serves everyone alike whether they wear a gym kit, suit or uniform.

4. Bravo Two Two

Bravo Two Two is a veteran owned military premium apparel company based in the United Kingdom. It was founded by an ex-Marine with the aim of delivering high quality and long lasting military apparel. Their t-shirts are designed, printed and packaged in the UK. Plus, they are working with local artists to bring their customers more designs like Leader, Skipper and Chief. They can customize the t-shirts for your group or troop.

Bravo Two Two also gives back to the society by donating a dollar from each sale to the Royal Marines Charity.

5. Force Wear

Force Wear is an honest UK veteran owned and operated company that was established to pay homage to the British Armed Forces and emergency services. The two co-founders are both from the military one was a Royal Marine commando while the other is from the British Army. This means that whether you are a veteran, supporter or still serving in the emergency services or the HMForces, then this company would be honored if you own and wear their gear with pride.

The mission of the brand is to offer top quality gear, delivered with great customer service. The company supports different charities not limited to Combat Stress, Pilgrim Bandits, PTSD Resolution, Royal British Legion and Warriors RV. Force Wear is one of the best veteran owned clothing companies in UK.

6. Offensive Veteran Apparel

Offensive Veteran Apparel was established by two Afghanistan veterans with the same vision. They were aiming to bring their own spin to the clothing industry by introducing one of their own apparel drawing inspiration from the military. Their military background was the foundation of their brand, designing some of their products from different events during the time they were in service.

However, the two veterans like experimenting with different themes based around different times in history like the 1st and 2nd World War, Greek, Roman and Vikings among others.

7. HMG Clothing

HMG Clothing draws their inspiration from combat, paying homage to all those that set foot in the arena. This company is owned and operated by an ex UK special forces and has been running for over 3 years. The founder served in both the SBS and the Royal Marines and had lots of experiences that in his own words “helped shape the company”.

HMG Clothing is one of the best veteran owned clothing companies in UK.

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