What Gloves Do Special Forces Wear?

From the galea helmets worn by Roman Legion’s to Japanese Samurai warrior’s Karuta armor to the middle age’s chainmail armor to composite helmets and modern Kevlar vests: the combat armor concept has been in existence since time immemorial. The modern day’s battle gear and weapons have hugely advanced over the years. However, the main function of the armor is still the same as it aims to protect the wearer from any bodily harm.

The premise of armor is quite basic: it protects wearers without compromising dexterity and their range of motion. The modern day’s tactical gloves carry the same mantra while bestowing the entire space with advanced technologies, construction techniques and materials. It’s always important to protect your knuckles, palms and fingers since we use often our hands to operate and manipulate the controls of any weapon mission system or military vehicles.

The best tactical gloves work perfectly well when it comes to shielding the hands from harmful elements without compromising on the grip and tactile feel. The only challenge is distinguishing the genuine military battle-tested tactical gloves from the cheap imitations that have flooded the market. Having this in mind, our team of experts have traversed the landscape in quest of finding only the best in finger fortification and combat ready palms.

What Gloves Do Special Forces Wear?

Special forces wear tactical gloves. Here are the best tactical gloves on the market that are worn by special forces.

1. Mechanix Wear Taa Original Covert

Mechanix Wear Taa Original Covert


Mechanix Wear Taa Original Covert was the most reliable tactical glove prior to the production of purpose-built modern tactical gloves. A significant number of combat forces all over the world like the Navy SEALS typically relied on these gloves for their day-to-day activities. These tactical gloves help shield your hands from harmful elements without compromising dexterity. This means that the gloves are considered extremely conductive when it comes to tactical and military applications.

Mechanix Wear Taa Original Covert were produced in their regular form for many generations. However, the company has finally released a Covert version in all black. These tactical gloves are available in five different sizes to accommodate different wrist and hand sizes. The mil-spec variation still uses the TPR closure of the original glove and the Trek Dry lining. In addition, it has gained TAA approval/certification and an excellent option for camouflage colors, coyote and monochrome gray.

2. 11 Tactical Hard Time Gloves

11 Tactical Hard Time Gloves


5.11 Tactical Hard Time Gloves were the first to earn a solid reputation among the law enforcement personnel, the military and first responders since the inception of the company in the year 2000 or thereabout. These gloves are not only rugged but also dependable gear that you can trust when battling out in the field. The Hard Times Gloves were made by a Californian company. These gloves are uniquely designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions and climates taking pride in articulated, hard thermoplastic armored knuckles.

5.11 Tactical Hard Time Gloves additionally feature tactical touch fingertips, Kevlar knit fabric back panels, goatskin leather palms with long-lasting durability and reinforced finger joints. These gloves come in coyote color as well. They have a premium quality hoop and loop closure with the brands logo and a reinforced pull tab that helps provide a more customized fit.

3. Mechanix Wear Taa M-Pact 3 Covert Gloves

Mechanix Wear Taa M-Pact 3 Covert Gloves


Mechanix’s Original Glove made its way to be the best in the market when it comes to tactical applications. The M-Pact 3, on the other hand, is typically the result of a California brand engineering tactical gloves from scratch. The gloves feature anatomically-shaped TPR knuckle guards with EVA accordion padding and palm reinforcements.

Mechanix Wear Taa M-Pact 3 Covert Gloves offers abrasion resistance, and robust protection owing to the fingertip reinforcements on the inside. These gloves additionally feature TPR wrist closures for a more customized fit and loop made of nylon for ease of attachment and carrying around. The also have fingertip inlays that are touchscreen compatible. What’s more, these tactical gloves are machine washable.

4. Triple Aught Design Pig Full Dexterity Tactical Delta + Glove

Triple Aught Design Pig Full Dexterity Tactical Delta + Glove


Triple Aught Design Pig Full Dexterity Tactical Gloves has unmatchable features which makes it the best battle-ready military gloves on the market. These gloves are incredibly thin without compromising on dexterity, protection and functionality. They are made with a two-stretch polyester material for flexibility. The gloves feature paracord wrist-pulls that are anchored through TPR pieces and an ergonomical wrist opening that allows for a range of motion.

This Full Dexterity Tactical version is a collaboration with Triple Aught Design and top-gear tactical brand and features PIG and TAD branding and logos. The main distinguishing factor of these gloves is their palms which is quite different from the regular construction. The regular glove construction is usually done with carbon inspired leather palms with touchscreen compatible thumbs and fingertips.

5. Sig Sauer Tactical Men’s Gloves

Sig Sauer Tactical Men’s Gloves


Sig Sauer Tactical Men’s Gloves are a result of a collaboration between Sig Sauer, military brand gear, German firearm outfit and First Tactical. These gloves are an upgrade of FT’s mitts with several unique features along with a subtle branding of the company. They have reinforced palms that are touchscreen compatible and stretch mesh backs.

Sig Sauer Tactical Men’s Gloves additionally feature Velcro wrist closures for ease of wearing and taking them off and neoprene padding on the knuckles. These gloves are specially designed for those in the military that use firearms. The gloves also have a leather reinforcement interior around the thumbs with long-lasting durability.

6. Oakley Si Factory Pilot Glove

Oakley Si Factory Pilot Glove


Oakley is a renowned brand in California that’s quite popular when it comes to military gear. Oakley Si Factory Pilot Glove is one of the best tactical gloves on the market. They are made from a four-way stretch fabric and feature full grain leather palms and Airprene joint panels that are perforated for breathability purposes. These gloves also have rubber exhaust ports and padded knuckle guards for protection.

7. Vertx FR Breacher Gloves

Vertx FR Breacher Gloves


Vertx FR Breacher Gloves are highly protective since they are made from hardwearing and high-tech materials. These gloves were uniquely designed for use in hostile environments. Besides, they offer high-level protection without compromising on dexterity striking a perfect balance between goatskin suede that’s anti-static interlaced with some NOMEX.

The thumb tips and middle fingers are touchscreen compatible thanks to the conductive material with Hammer bite protection. The fingertips are also articulated and pre-curved to allow for a range of motion while the armor at the back and knuckles offer ultimate protection.

8. Magpul Patrol Glove 2.0

Magpul Patrol Glove 2.0


Magpul is known to make battle-tested magazines, stocks and sights along with stellar tactical wearables and accessories. Magpul Patrol Gloves 2.0 features added protection in different areas, articulated wrist openings, touchscreen compatible thumbs and bolstered dexterity. The back is made with a reinforced cell-foam around the knuckles and fingers. These gloves come in different colors and sizes for versatility. What’s more, they can double up as general work gloves or mechanic gloves.

9. Outdoor Research Convoy Sensor Gloves

Outdoor Research Convoy Sensor Gloves


It’s always advisable to have winter-appropriate tactical gloves in your collection for the times when duty calls regardless of the temperatures outside. These gloves are water- and windproof without compromising on breathability. They are extremely lightweight and feature goatskin leather palms, Velcro hoop and loop closures and touchscreen compatible fingertips.

10. Arc’teryx Alpha SL Glove

Arc’teryx Alpha SL Glove


Arc’teryx Alpha SL Gloves are specially designed for mountaineering applications but they can double up as tactile mitts since they offer ultimate protection. They are toasty warm yet lightweight and thin. These gloves feature Velcro wrist closures for a more relaxed fit and overlays on the thumbs and fingertips. They are ideal for handling mission systems and weapons since they are wildly dexterous.

If you were wondering what gloves do special forces wear, the above are 10 of the gloves that the team swear by.

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