Which Military Branch Has the Most Females?

Women are very few in the military as compared to their male counterparts. Of all active-duty members in the military, only 17.8% are female. However, its’ not all doom and gloom since currently, over 350, 000 members in the service are women. In the United States, female veterans are to the tune of about 2 million which in history, is the highest number ever.

You can choose from a number of branches when signing up including the Air Force, Army, Navy and Marine.

Which Military Branch Has the Most Females?

Most women usually join the Air Force. However, the branch with the most females when it comes to numbers is the Army. Here are the findings compiled by the Council of Foreign Relations after taking a deep dive into the US military to conduct research on gender representation.

Military Female Service Members in Percentage

  • Air Force Officers – 21%
  • Navy Officers – 18%
  • The Army – 18%
  • Marines – 7%

These findings are a clear indication that most women are more likely to join the Air Force as compared to other military branches. Marine is the least preferred according to the representation in percentage. Surprisingly, women join the Air Force even more than their male counterparts.

Most Female-Friendly Military Branch

All military occupational specialties in the United States are open to females, including the combat arms. This therefore means that everyone regardless of gender is allowed to choose any military branch depending on their personal preferences.

Save for the experience you are looking to have, it’s also important to put in mind what exactly you want to be doing when choosing the military branch you wish to join. There are a number of things you need to put into consideration when scouting for the best military branch to join. Some of these factors that these will help you make an informed decision include safety, wellbeing, physical difficulties and opportunities.

1. Physical Difficulty

Some military branches are usually more demanding physically than others. Marines are the most demanding in terms of physical difficulty but it varies depending on the position. Some people think that this might be the reason why there are few female marine officers.

The Marines and the Army are the most disciplined, especially the Marines. Both of these military branches are typically structured for ground support and combat. You can join the Marine branch if you are looking for a grueling yet life-changing experience that can train you to be a warrior.

The training regimen of the Army is equally intense but comes second when compared to that of the Marines. Basic training takes nine weeks but three are usually dedicated to marksmanship. The Army soldiers can also defend or lead against any assault.

Of all the military branches, the Air Force is said to be the most laid back when it comes to physical difficulty. This is also why most women are drawn to this military branch. However, you can’t get in without the necessary educational requirements which includes a high school diploma. You have very slim chances of getting into the Air Force without a diploma.

2. Opportunities

The Army is the largest military service in the United States with the widest career fields. It’s always advisable to research the career fields in each military branch and how women are treated in that particular field. Remember, not every military service means combat in other countries. Your opportunities as an active female member in service depends on the field you choose to join. For instance, if you are a legal specialist or X-ray technician, the military branch you choose won’t make much of a difference.

The Air Force is your best bet if you love flying or technical work. Those who’d want to explore the world and travel overseas can join the Navy.

3. Safety and Wellbeing

According to the Department of Defense, the Navy and the Army out of all the four military branches have the highest sexual assault reports. The number of those who’ve been sexually harassed in the military and civilian populations might be higher than was is indicated in the report because most of these cases usually go unreported.

Of all the military branches, the Airforce offers top quality life programs such as family housing, dormitories and recreation among others. The Navy is not an easy option especially if you have a family since you’ll be spending a lot of time away from them. However, the Navy is the best option if you like travelling.

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